Saturday, June 22, 2013

Athena is Home!!!!

We went and got Athena today!!!! It was so exciting and it was a pleasure meeting Heidi. I actually feel bad taking Athena away from Heidi but I just love Athena so much, Heidi was so sad to see Athena go. Heidi gave me a big hug and said "Just take good care of her" I will until the day either me or Athena dies. Athena is a doll though. Although Athena had a couple accidents on her way home, she was very good and all she did was lay in my lap the whole ride. (Pictures of the ride home are on our Page "Growing Up Athena"). Like a typical puppy, she saw her reflection in our dishwasher and thought it was another puppy. She growled at it and let out a little bark and then ran/pranced away from it, so proud of herself.

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  1. I wondering if it would be o.k. with you if I made a review of Growing Up Athena on my review blog E-books, Tips and, Reviews.