Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Meet Athena's siblings

I think it's time to introduce Athena's "siblings" as I call them. Obviously not her true litter mates, but our other pets.
This is Stormy, she is a German Shepherd/Border Collie mix, and Athena's big sister. Although Athena will outgrow her in no time at all, she is still older and therefore the "big" sister. Stormy is only about 35 pounds and stands 17 inches high, she will be 5 years old in September. Her breeds are definitely pronounced in the amount of energy this dog can dish out, 6 mile walk (with some jogging) and she doesn't even lay down when we get back home, she is all over the place. Stormy is also my very first dog (not ever in my whole life, but my own personally). I grew up with dogs my entire life and she was the first one that was "mine". She was a rescue from a local organization, Partners for Pets.

This is Gus (aka Gustav), he is a Australian Cattle Dog/Pit bull mix, and Athena's big brother. Athena will probably also outgrow him, he weighs about 45 pounds, slightly bigger than Stormy. We rescued Gus from another local "rescue" that specializes in Lab rescue. He didn't fit their dog specifications so they were going to have him put down, claiming he was 3-5 years old. I couldn't stand by and watch such a lovely dog get put to sleep just because he wasn't a breed of dog they wanted to work with, they even had him isolated from everything as if he was a dangerous dog. It turned out his "dog aggression" wasn't even aggression. He had no clue how to interact with dogs, it was obvious nobody had worked with him at all. We took him home to Stormy and now they do wonderful together, she taught him just as a mommy dog would. And have you ever heard an old dog can't learn new tricks? Or that old dogs get set in their ways and can't be "fixed" of their bad habits? We took Gus to the vet and the vet's exact quote was "3-5? no, this dog is much closer to double digits" and he is.
This is a picture of Gus sitting in the car with my Mom's Chihuahua, I can see how aggressive he is toward that tiny dog, can't you?

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